Ruben Dingemans, nice to meet you!

It had to be catchy; the title of my very first English blog. I brainstormed the heck outta my brain, but came to the conclusion that I simply would like to (re)introduce myself, so here goes: Ruben Dingemans, nice to meet you!

You may know me as a presenter, voice-overor video producer. Apart from being a professional talker, I am also half Indonesian, a chickes boss, a dog lover, mostly vegetarian (almost vegan), an urban square foot gardener, freelancer and Plastic Soup Foundation ambassador and content creator.

This blog is published around the same time my brand new English site is launched:

The time has come to make my display window more clear and complete. That is why the site has the following components: ☆


It was not even something I dreamed about as a boy; becoming a television presenter or host. I sort of started doing it after enrolling a competiton for MTV. As an absolute beginner I was faced with many, many closed doors. Was it sheer luck? Talent? Timing? I don’t know, I think a combination of all. I got my first shot with the commercial network RTL4 as the presenter of the holiday cycling programme “Nederland Fietst” (Cycling in the Netherlands).

With many programmes and media productions under my belt I can proudly say that I am an allround presenter. Both in Dutch as well as English. From laidback holiday shows in my shorts and flipflops to corporate videos in my casual business attire. From energetic live presentations to characters with fake moustache or summer dress. A fancy dress, nonetheless.

That makes my job awesome; every production is different. Click here to see what I’ve been up to.


Those same closed doors greeted me when I started researching how to become a voice-over. Righteously so. Being a good presenter, doesn’t necessarily make you a good voce-over. The same applied here: lots of practice en perseverance. Nowadays I work as a voice-over from my homestudio or on location for radio or television commercialssocial media campaigns, explanimations and corporate videos. Again, both in Dutch and English. But it remains a trade in which I still can en want to develop myself.

What my voice sounds like? Have a listen.


Next to my work as a television presenter, I started working behind the scenes as a contributing editor and reporter for different programmes. As a media maker and video producer I can therefore help you in different areas. From concept creation to scriptwriting to production. In that capacity I am a dedicated ambassador and content creator for Plastic Soup Foundation.

I am sure there might still be some small mistakes, but i would to invite you to have a look at my new site. I am kinda proud of it.

Stay safe, sane & sassy!