Five minutes before the start of your event. The technicians are making the final preparations, the Board of Directors is receiving the final briefing and the audience is looking forward to what is about to come.

 We’re going live in three, two, one…

Whether it be a summit, livestream, event, meeting, webcast or festive opening; each event knows its own preparation and execution.

With extensive experience in live, online and hybrid events, I will gladly be of service as your flexibel and versatile moderator or presenter. A role that also translates to host, interviewer, discussion leader, connector and time manager.

With experience in front of and behind the scenes of television, events and online productions, Ruben is the flexibel, versatile, butt above all energetic host for your production, congress, livestream or event.

Whether you’re in need of an enthusiastic presenter that connects all the components, a moderator who welcomes, eases and interviews the guest speakers, or a time manager who peacefully and confidently guides the event; In Ruben’s hands you feel safe.



Even though my career in media started in front of the camera, eventually I started working behind the scenes as a contributing editor, reporter, interviewer, producer, presentation coach, or item director.

I thoroughly enjoy looking for wonderful stories and transforming them to beautiful items that do justice to the story that needs to be told.

My work has been, as my career, ever so different; portraying a personal battle against cancer, the preparation and actual filming of a birth, or the creation of emotional song lyrics.


I hear you. It can be immensely nerve-racking to tell your story, especially if you’re not used to or get stressed about being taped for film or audio. I will coach and direct you in such a way, so you can focus on sharing your story with conviction, trust, but mostly; fun.

I’ve had the pleasure of giving media training to a German theatre director, taking the lead in panel discussions and making sure everyone is heard and giving a masterclass in presentation skills for a group of entrepreneurs during their warkation in France.

And don’t worry. You don’t have to be someone else.

Just be you.