Is it voice-over, voiceover or voice over? No matter how you write it (the first is the most commonly used and grammatically correct); my voice is at your service!



You want to hire a voice that is an experienced voice-over. You want to book a voice-over that is not only professional and versatile, but also knows how to deliver the right tone-of-voice, both quickly and confidently. But why on earth should you book me as your voice-over? Here are a couple of reasons why:


I spent part of my childhood at an international school, and was taught by American teachers. Mrs. Zotter had such a deep, dark voice with a nice little edge to it, and that really made her stand out in my young (y)ears. Her husband was a teacher as well, and a very talented guitar player.

Back in the Land of the Low (the Netherlands), I was taught British English. Mrs. Altena, towering over me in her fierce red high heels, always corrected my American English to British English. Can you imagine the struggle I had with the sentence: “I can’t ride my bike to school”? The struggle was real.

Due to this unique mix of cultures, cultivated at a very young age, my natural English accent is one that can best be described as the so-called Mid-European or Transatlantic English style. What does that mean? It means I am suitable for neutral, European English productions. I don’t sound too British or American.

Unless you want me to! That of course, can be arranged, upon request.

Example voice-over neutral European English

Example British English

Example American English


Are you looking for a Dutch voice-over? I speak neutral Dutch. Whether you’re in need of a Dutch voice for your corporate movie, animation, explainer video, voice response system, commercial or any other production; I am amped and ready to deliver! Go your gang and let me know!

Example Dutch voice-over explanimation

Example Dutch voice-over broadcast


Why should you choose a male voice-over? There are many different aspects associated with a male or female voice-over. A female voice is often perceived as sounding soft, reliable and convincing, whereas a male voice-over is perceived as strong, neutral or authoritarian.

It all depends on what your product, service, or message is and how you want to communicate that in the most authentic way. A male or female voice-over each has his or her unique and distinctive quality. As a male voice-over I can, provide you with a soft, reliable, convincing, strong, neutral, or even authoritarian tone of voice. Whatever you need. My voice is ready. 


I voiced my first commercial on November 29, 2009 for the Copenhagen Coalition. With over a decade of voice-over experience and even more as a presenter, I have gathered a wide range of sounds and feels, which makes me state with confidence that there is one for your particular production as well. I will deliver your message with the right feel and appropriate energy.

How did that very first commercial sound? Hmmm, okay. Here you go…no shame in my game!

Audio Beat the Heat Now


My preferred setting is coming to a studio where you and I, plus the director or audio engineer, make the most of your text. However, some productions are more feasible when I record and deliver them directly from my homestudio.

Before we start, I will ask you a few questions and we’ll go through the specs of the production - the so called briefing - so that we are all (literally!) on the same page. The more precise you are in your wishes, the better I can make them all come true.

My set-up is as follows: an Audio-Technica AT2035 microphone, Twisted Wave recording software, and an Audient ID4 interface,. This means I can deliver in no-time. Always within 24 hours.

Urgent? No problem.

Highly urgent? Still no problem.

You will receive the clean edited uncompressed wav-audio files, and I will provide you with several variations, if you wish. You will receive a free correction round for the tone-of-voice, but if we talk everything through extensively, my experience has shown that this step is usually not needed.


Voice actor wanted? Voice talent needed? I am happy to oblige as your voice-over actor. With a lot of fun, love and energy, I would like to offer you one of my character voices. From hysterical client (a ‘Karen’) or luvvy dubby happy single, to nervous employee to lucky bastard.

Example voice actor English

As a voice actor I voiced two series for Netflix; the badass side-kick Jonesy in “Kong, King of the Apes”, and a leading role in “Cupcake & Dino”, in which I had the absolute pleasure of voicing a small cupcake with a big mouth, and an even bigger heart. I was challenged to tap into all the sounds within my vocal range. That tiny pink cupcake felt all possible emotions: fear, happiness, megalomania, sadness, pride and compassion.

Oh, and now and then he had the pleasure of singing a line or two. Although, singing…


Example voice actor Jonesy (Dutch)


Example voice-actor Cupcake (Dutch)


Example voice-actor and singer (Dutch)


What are the costs for a voice-over? It depends. What do you need from me? I can provide you with a clear estimate once I know more from you. As a professional voice-over I maintain competitive rates, which are quite reasonable and apply to your corporate video, web video, explanimation (posh way of saying explainer animation video), TV- or radio-commercial (local, regional or national), voice response, e-learning, or social media post or campaign. Each production has its own text volume, platform and rate.

My most common voice-over rates can be found here.


Call, mail, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Zoom, Teams, or just text me. Hey, if you have a messenger pigeon, I’d love to get a message from you that way, too! 

Getting acquainted over a flat white or a deep red (my go-to grape is the Sicilan Nero d’Avola- cheers to that!) is most definitely a possible scenario. Let’s make it happen! 


“Loving the demos Ruben, but…what about MY production?”
Simple: paste your text here and receive your free audio or video sample within 24 hours!